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I am happy you are here.

I have been where you may be...

Stuck. Confused. Disconnected from who you truly are.

It is immensely painful to have little to no access to your self-worth and purpose.  Finding yourself in similar, unfulfilling situations and relationships without knowing why or what to do about it. 

Same problems, packaged differently.

Being human is hard.

Through journeying the Earth and consulting the stars for answers, I have found many in the form of effective solutions to bring awareness and balance to your mind, body, and spirit.


I can help you with


Complex Trauma

Family of Origin Issues



Emotional Disturbance

Psychedelic/Altered-State Integration

and more...


About Taylor

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with many years of education and experience.  I use a holistic approach with clients by considering the whole individual - mind, body, and spirit.

When exploring one’s mind, I look through a psychodynamic lens.  I believe that we can promote insight and resolve many conflicts through shining a light on our unconscious.  Sometimes, it can be difficult “going deep” into our psyche. Our body, however, is constantly communicating to us what might be going on beyond our awareness.  Through mindfulness and compassionate self-inquiry, I can help you take notice of your emotions and receive the messages that your body is sending you.  While the mind and body help us strategically survive many of life’s challenges, our spirit seeks a higher calling.  Through an existential understanding of one’s need for meaning and purpose, I help clients reconnect with their intuition so that they can live more deliberately and authentically.

I am certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, a Reiki Master/Trainer, and a Professional Astrologer. I integrate a variety of techniques, “Taylor-ed” to the individual and unique client.

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What is Online Counseling?

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Online Counseling

Also known as E-Counseling, teletherapy, and distance therapy.  Online counseling allows clients to receive the same benefits of traditional therapy while in a convenient and comfortable setting of their choice.  Through real-time video sessions, clients can meet with me without the worries of traffic, privacy, or scheduling. I offer online sessions through video chat while using a HIPAA-compliant, confidential platform.  For clients located in Ohio or Michigan (where I am licensed), this is a great option for professional online psychotherapy.


Let's Heal.

Nobody can do the work for you, but I can compassionately help you tap into your natural ability to heal yourself. <3

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People who experience codependency tend to be hyper-focused on others at the expense of their own wants and needs.  They struggle with setting boundaries for themselves because the potential of upsetting others is too uncomfortable.  There is often a great fear of being abandoned, and so they do whatever it takes to make their partners happy. It is common for them to feel unappreciated, and yet, they’ll remain in unhealthy relationships far too long.  They frequently “beat around the bush” rather than directly asking for what they need in order to avoid rejection. People with codependency often compromise their own values in order to keep others comfortable. They may be hypervigilant of everyone’s emotions and will often do whatever it takes to avoid conflict.  Frequently, people with codependency attract partners who are emotionally unavailable, addicts, irresponsible, and/or narcissists. Sometimes, they even have a parent with one or more of these characteristics. Do you experience this? I invite you to join me in exploring the roots of these patterns, uncover your true Self, as well as create healthy relationships.

Complex Trauma (C-PTSD)

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some people struggle with a variety, and often, combination, of issues and concerns, without being able to identify a single event that caused it.  For some, it may look like a never-ending sense of responsibility, guilt, or shame. For others, they might experience a continuous sense of distrust in others.  Many people who experience complex trauma never fully feel “in their body.”  They often view themselves in a negative light and disconnected from others.  The effects of complex trauma can be long-lasting and debilitating. Some examples of ongoing trauma include:

  • Childhood physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

  • Chronic neglect

  • Children of narcissistic parents

  • Children of parents with addictions

  • Religious Trauma

  • Cult Abuse

  • Captivity

  • Human trafficking

  • Domestic violence

  • Living in crisis environments

If this resonates with you, I invite you to collaborate with me, safely and empathetically, so that you can discover, create, and maintain healthy resources that help you experience life in a way that feels good and meaningful to you.

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Integration Support

Many people experience a pivotal moment in their life whether that be through a spiritual awakening, a mystical experience, a non-ordinary state of consciousness (psychedelic, metaphysical, paranormal, etc.), or an otherworldly experience. These experiences can leave us feeling confused, lonely, and scared. Some of us get “stuck” when we do not ​integrate​ these experiences into our lives. In other words, when we experience something transcendental, we aren’t always sure how to take the lessons from those experiences and apply them to our everyday reality. Through this process, I support you in telling your story, unpacking it, and processing it. Together, we will figure out the most appropriate way to anchor and embody these states of higher-consciousness in a way that allows you to remain grounded in your everyday life


"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"

Carl Jung

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