• Taylor Adams, MA, LPC

The Infamous Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn 2020

For astrologers and astrology-enthusiasts, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is potentially the most discussed and anticipated event of the year. Why? Let’s take a look...

Pluto-Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn

1/12/2020 11:59PM

Pluto has been in Capricorn since January 2008. It’s a slow-moving planet, meaning that its effects on you and the world are not strikingly apparent in real-time; rather, they build over time. Pluto deals with death and rebirth; in other words - transformation. It has been in the sign of Capricorn, which governs matters related to STRUCTURE, CAREERS, MASCULINE ENERGY, and AUTHORITY.

If you “do the math,” you’ll notice how, since 2008, we can see the unfolding of these energies - the transformation (Pluto) of familiar structures and institutions (Capricorn).

Now, let’s talk about Saturn! Saturn moves quicker than Pluto, and it entered Capricorn around December 2017. Saturn is quite “at home” in Capricorn, considering it’s this sign’s ruler. Saturn energies represent constriction, rules, and responsibility. Saturn is “Father Time” and gives us no other choice but to learn through hard work.

Mmmmk. SO...

Saturn progressively got closer and closer, finally catching up to Pluto on January 12, 2020. In astrology, this is a BIG DEAL because it only occurs every few decades.

The last time this transit occurred, it happened in the sign of Libra (November of 1982). During this cycle, the AIDS epidemic ensued. Fears of infection which created strained relationships. Also during this transit, the U.S. experienced the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression and economic recession.

So now, this transit is occurring in the sign of Capricorn. Again, as of January 12, 2020. — Weirdly enough, on this date, China shared the genetic sequence of Coronavirus. We are currently experiencing what has been officially termed a “pandemic.” Most of us are already experiencing the economic effects of this whole ordeal.

The last time the Pluto/Saturn conjunction happened in Capricorn was in 1518. Weirdly, again, the bizarre “dancing plague” broke out in France. Also during this cycle, major financial corruption was exposed in the Catholic Church, which resulted in the Protestant Reformation of Christianity. Even further, King Charles I authorized Spain to transport slaves from Africa to the Americas. This resulted in a new phase in the transatlantic slave trade in which enslaved people brought directly to America rose dramatically.

Pluto + Saturn + Capricorn = enduring transformation of conservation, authority, structure, and masculine energy.

-->Death & Rebirth on a global level.

-->Death & Rebirth on an individual level, depending where this transit is occurring in your personal chart.

While this information may come across as grim and scary, it’s important to know that in order for transformation to occur, the foundation must be shook. We must chip down to the very roots in order to rebuild the structures and systems in which we operate.

Now is a great time (if not necessary) to uncover what is behind the social mask in ourselves and in society. The energy is optimal for innovators, truth-seekers, deep-divers, and revolutionaries. The wounded healers will be sought out for comfort as they’ve been “doing the work” for years and can serve as a light and coach for others.

We must get intimate with fear. We must notice it within ourselves and in others so that we can, not push it away, but learn how to tame it.

Whether we like it or not, we are being called to notice our shadows (Pluto) so that we can integrate them. Projecting our wounds into others will not be able to survive if we are being cosmically asked to own our responsibility (Saturn). Going within and using discernment to navigate truth from lies will be a HUGE theme for 2020. “Groupthink” is easy, but Pluto, Saturn, and Capricorn are not in favor of easy.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the powerful healing that takes place when we travel down to the core and release what no longer serves us.