• Taylor Adams, MA, LPC

The "Great Conjunction" for *all* Signs.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

In case you’re late to the game, there’s a lot of buzz around “The Great Conjunction” happening on December 21, 2020. This cosmic event involves Jupiter and Saturn coming together at 0º Aquarius - the closest they’ve been in 800 years.

Not to get too Inception on you, but this particular conjunction kicks off a new 20-year cycle within a 200-year cycle within a greater 800-year cycle. Why? Because Jupiter and Saturn meet up every 20 years; however, they’ve been rendezvousing in Earth signs for the last 200. This time, though, they’re linking up in an Air sign.

Earth = materials, money, physical resources, etc. Air = knowledge, ideas, social awareness, etc.

It takes 800 years for Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions to occur through all elements. Think of the 20-year cycle as a cultural shift, the 200-year cycle as an era, and the 800-year cycle as an age.

To get an idea of what a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction involves, it’s important to look at the energies associated with each planet. They’re both “outer planets” in that they move slowly and indicate gradual shifts. Jupiter is about expansiveness, optimism, opportunity, humor, and excess. Think, Jim Carrey in Yes Man. Saturn, however, is more about seriousness, restriction, heavy responsibility, and gravitas. Think, Severus Snape in Harry Potter. Although this can be frustrating energy, considering the mix of ambition and limitation, there is actually a lot of movement that can occur during these cycles. Similar to an engine that involves mini-explosions (Jupiter) and compressions (Saturn).

This “Great Conjunction” is occurring in the sign of Aquarius, which means that the effects of Saturn and Jupiter will have Aquarian themes: innovation, humanitarianism, revolution, and originality especially as it relates to science, space, and technology. Aquarius is a very socially-concerned sign - not from the perspective of “fitting in;” rather, cooperating, as autonomous individuals, for a higher purpose.

How will this affect you personally?

Here is a brief overview of the areas of your chart that will be highlighted by this particular event. This goes by your *Ascendant* (Rising) Sign. Don’t know it? Quickly calculate it here.

Aries - A reset in your social network and group affiliations. You’re set to upgrade the people with whom you surround yourself with. You may find that you let go of some type of community that you’re a part of and move toward one that fits you better. You’ll notice a deeper interest (and success) in “finding your tribe” - one that shares a common goal or vision. The challenge, for you, will be keeping your finances and resources in balance.

Taurus - A reset in your career, purpose, and reputation. Your ego-consciousness is coming to the forefront for reconsideration. Thinking about “re-branding” yourself? The times are ripe for it! You may find that you’re more concerned about your vocation and what you need to do to feel successful. Your relationship with powerful figures in your life, particularly men, as well as your own masculine energy is being upgraded. The challenge, for you, will be unexpected and unconventional changes in your beliefs and self-assertion. You may even go for a drastic change in your appearance!

Gemini - A reset in your beliefs, higher education, and overall ethics. You may begin or make adjustments to an academic pursuit that will ultimately set you up for success. It’s possible that the topics of law, religion, and multiculturalism are emphasized in your life. This is a period of expansion and, possibly, relocation or far-distance travel. You’re not merely looking for information; you’re seeking the absolute truth. The challenge, for you, will be breaking free from the things that confine you. You might release old, karmic stuff in unpredictable or unconventional ways.

Cancer - A reset in your intimate life, shared finances, debts, and fears. Have you been thinking of ways to pay off or access a loan? Have you been managing a partner’s assets? When it comes to you, think of the things in your life which you have very little control over (hint: sex, death, & taxes). Themes of this nature are bound to reveal themselves to you -- and NO, this does not mean literal death will happen; however, this will be a great opportunity to heal any grief, trauma, or loss. You may take a deeper interest in areas like psychology, the occult, or shamanism. The challenge, for you, will be your changing views and ideals of the future.

Leo - A reset in your marriage and/or partnerships (contractual relationships). Not in a relationship? That may change This is an opportunity for you to find a way to bring both excitement and practicality to your partnerships. This may be a time to consider tying the knot or signing papers with a business associate. The challenge for you is ensuring that you feel a sense of freedom within your career or reputation.

Virgo - A reset in your routine, daily life, and health. Are you taking on too much responsibility - or, not enough? Have you been considering an entire lifestyle overhaul? Thinking about getting a new pet to take care of over the next decade or two? This isn’t about a fad diet or calling off a day or two from your day job; this energy is about creating a new, exciting, and sustainable routine for yourself. The challenge, for you, involves unexpected travel plans or educational encounters.

Libra - A reset in your approach to pleasure, creations, and overall joy. This is a fabulous opportunity for enthusiastic, yet secure, entrepreneurial plans. Starting a new project? Thinking of children? Just want to have fun or perform? This is a time when your visions meet solutions. The challenge, for you, is financial independence or unexpected changes in your partner’s (or corporate) resources.

Scorpio - A reset in your home, real estate, and inner security. You may find that you’re more hopeful about moving or renovating your home. This time, though, you have the discipline and strategy to move forward. You just might have the resources necessary to work-from-home or create that home office. Matters concerning your family of origin may present themselves; this may be as simple as reminiscing on the past. The challenge, for you, will be instability or unexpected changes in your marriage or significant relationship (or a new partner entering the picture).

Sagittarius - A reset in the medium through which you communicate. This includes writing, speaking, teaching, media, and data collection. Also, vehicles. All things related to your intellectual property and the devices that allow you to get from one place to the next are in focus. Starting a blog/vlog? Writing a book? Getting a new, reliable car? The energy is great for these endeavors. The challenge, for you, involves unanticipated changes in your daily routine or health.

Capricorn - A reset in your money, possessions, and security. Although it likely won’t happen overnight, your financial foundations are undergoing a shift that will set you up for long-term success. The things you invest in (and the things that invest in you) are changing. This process may require some necessary repair work that will benefit you in the long run. The challenge, for you, is stepping out of your comfort zone. Unexpected situations with your children may pop up (or birth announcement).

Aquarius - A reset in your identity, appearance, and overall approach to life. The “you” that you allow others to see is undergoing a major shift. Perhaps, you’ve been holding back from speaking your truth. Maybe you’ve been going through the motions of what has been expected of you. You’re at a point, now, where your personal authority is coming to the forefront. Taking action, standing your ground, and making decisions are highlighted for you now, and the effects of each are setting you up for long-term success. The challenge, for you, is unexpected situations coming up as it relates to home and family. Perhaps you want more independence and personal autonomy; well, now’s the time.

Pisces - A reset in your spirituality, subconscious, and artistry. This is a time of letting go of all unnecessary baggage. Have things been swept under the rug? This is an entire upgrade in your consciousness, which requires a lot of “purging” of unhealthy people, places, and things. This is a great opportunity for retreats and beginning a meditation practice. The challenge, for you, is mental restlessness, unreliable neighbors, or unexpected changes with your siblings.

Although I generally work with individuals and small groups, I enjoy looking at the natal chart of events, celebrities, politicians, and countries as well. One of the charts that I refer to is the USA Liberty Natal Chart (July 4, 1771 @ 5:10PM, Philadelphia, PA) to see what can be expected with the cosmic alignments.

In the USA, this “Great Conjunction” is happening in the 2nd house of economy and resources. For those sincere students of astrology, it’s clear that there is no coincidence that we’ve been exposed to talks of “The Great Economic Reset.” Although there is talk about this globally, there is a weighted emphasis on the USA for how this will play out. Over the next 20-year cycle, we are going to not only see a revolution and rebellion (Aquarius) of the financial system, but we will be participating in it as well. Money and resources will be redistributed from the small “powerful” few (Capricorn) to the people (Aquarius), but not without a fight. Remember, the true “rebellion” and “revolution” will not be televised.

Other things that we can expect include the expansion (Jupiter) of technology, air travel, windmills, wave technologies, cryptocurrencies, AI, VR, space activity, alien discussions, quantum information science, etc. Oh, and it will, understandably so, be met with much skepticism (Saturn) and pushback. The key is to discern what is being used for the collective’s highest good vs. what is being used to control.

In addition to the Great Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction, we have the Winter Solstice happening on December 21, 2020, which begins Capricorn Season (the Sun enters this sign). This is known as the day with the shortest period of daylight - or, the longest night of the year. Although we generally use the Gregorian New Year (January 1st) to set our intentions, doing so on the Winter Solstice is actually optimal. As the Sun enters Capricorn on this day, we are encouraged to reflect on our hard work and discipline (or lack thereof) over the past year. We are cosmically welcomed to consider our goals in a responsible, pragmatic way. I recommend setting aside some time this week, preferably Monday, to write your list of intentions for 2021, create a vision board, and/or practice your favorite new beginning ritual.

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