• Taylor Adams, MA, LPC

The Karma of the Collective

Here’s a little relevant astrological wisdom for the times:

This insight comes through the current position of the lunar nodes, which correspond to the collective’s karmic lessons during this year and a half cycle. Typically, I refer to these placements within an individual’s birth chart to explore what some of their life’s lessons and themes are; however, this process applies to the collective as well.

As of May, the lunar nodes shifted into the Sagittarius/Gemini axis where they will move through until January 2022. So, what are the themes here?

With the lunar south node moving through Sagittarius, we can see what qualities humanity is being called to step away from at this time. Evolutionary astrologers pay significant attention to the shadow side of the sign because this informs us of what aspects need to be processed, integrated, and transmuted in order to journey toward the progressed side of the opposing sign; that is, Gemini. We know that the wonderful, evolved aspects of Sagittarius include the passion for understanding, high ideals, faith, adventure, and the quest of the philosopher. What happens, though, when these qualities are taken to adverse extremes? In this case, we'd notice:

  • Fanaticism in regard to ideologies

  • Dogmatism

  • Rigidity in perspective

To add a little more context to this, we look at the position of the ruling planet, Jupiter, which is transiting Capricorn until mid-December 2020. Those adverse qualities of Sagittarius will be highlighted in Capricornian realms; that is - power structures, government, and authority.

When we add these playing factors together, they often manifest in the following ways:

  • Dogmatic certainty about power

  • Fundamentalism about, quite frankly, anything

  • Perceiving figures of authority, government, power as mere symbols

  • Impulsive action in regard to beliefs of how things “should” be

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been affected by these themes, whether on an observational or experiential level.

When Jupiter moves into Aquarius on December 19th, 2020 until July 2021, we will likely notice the themes of power structures, government, and authority shifting into science, technology, and rebellion.

Again, when looking at the lunar south node, these are the qualities that are no longer working for us as a society - if they ever were. Now, let’s look at the direction we are being invited to move toward during this evolutionary cycle.

When looking at the lunar north node, we can identify the aspects that we can apply for the benefit of ourselves and the collective. With the lunar north node being in Gemini, we consider the progressed side of this sign which includes:

  • Listening and learning with curiosity

  • Openness to shock, awe, and change

  • Investigational approach to perception

The ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, moves through each sign much quicker (15-30 days) than Jupiter. This means that when embodying those high-Gemini aspects, we will truly be hitting every area of life; that is, asking open-ended, investigatory questions about “truths” from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Those who cling to their ideologies, whatever they may be, with fervency and self-righteousness will have a much more difficult time integrating into the ever-evolving society. With Mars in Aries, which I’ve written about, these energies are only amplified; at its best, humanity would be courageously activating the evolved Gemini approach to perception, while at its worst; we’d see violence and war motivated by rigid doctrines.

To recapitulate - moving away from the preacher of ideology and into the realms of the student of perception is our challenge, remedy, and initiation that will catalyze humanity into a higher state of consciousness in service to the Divine.

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