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Mars in Aries 2020

The planet Mars has a special place in my heart.  Perhaps, it’s because Mars is the planetary ruler of my Sun, Moon, and Mercury sign (Aries).  It also happens to be my daughter’s natal chart ruler, according to ancient astrology, as her ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio.  Heck, even my fiance’s Sun sign is ruled by Mars.  Beyond my fascination with Mars, this planet has notable relevance for us all.

Mars in Myth

Aside from it being a planet, Mars is “The God of War” and agricultural guardian according to ancient Roman mythology.  Mars was the most prominent of the military gods.  In Greek culture, Mars’ counterpart was the god, Ares.  There are, however, some fundamental differences between Mars and Ares.  To Romans, Mars was revered as a father of the people; he secured peace through military power.  To Greeks, though, Ares was met with ambivalence because he was often associated with the violent and dangerous aspects of war.  Throughout the centuries that followed, the qualities of Mars and Ares became enmeshed.

Mars in Astrology

Mars is the planet that deals with survival, energy, action, and animalistic nature.  Those elements within yourself will be expressed in different ways, depending on Mars’ placement in your natal chart. For example, I have the planet Mars natally in the sign of Cancer.  Mars is considered “debilitated” in this position because Cancer is the sign of the emotional and protective nurturer.  With this placement, people can be more prone to passive-aggression and internalize anger.

Mars takes about 687 days to orbit the sun, and it stays in each of the 12 zodiac signs for about a month and a half.  At this time, Mars is in the sign of Aries, which we’ll get back to later.  Aries is not to be confused with Ares (Aries ≠ Ares), although Mars is the planet that rules Aries.  Are you still with me?

Aries (not Ares)

The constellation Aries is known as “The Ram.”  Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac.  In Greek mythology, Aries, the ram with the golden fleece, was sent to rescue King Athalamus’s children, Phrixus and Helle.  Aries was successful in getting Phrixus to the land of Colchis; unfortunately, Helle fell off his back and drowned.  Oops.  The Ram’s golden fleece was considered sacred and guarded by a dragon.

Aries, in astrology, has the “positive” qualities of being “The Warrior”, initiative, assertive, pioneering, courageous, and independent.  The “negative” qualities include selfishness, aggression, impulsivity, and pushy.

Mars in Aries

Ok, so, back to Mars in Aries.  Mars has been in Aries since June 27, 2020 and will be there until January 6, 2020.  Not only does Mars love being in its own sign, but it will be here for an unusually long time - 6 months!  This event will affect us all, globally and individually.

What are some general qualities of Mars transiting (moving through) Aries?

  • Asserting boundaries

  • Confidence in speaking up

  • Energized to initiate something

  • Intense passion

  • Urge to compete

  • Unmistakable call to adventure

  • Direct confrontations

  • Emphasis on independence

  • Quick [aggressive] outbursts; short-lived

  • Righteous indignation

As stated, these energies will affect us all.  Every person has Aries in their natal chart, which means that this sign has influence over some area in each of our lives, some more than others.  For example, Aries rules my 7th house - the house of marriage and partners.  With Mars, The God of War, in Aries, the warrior, transiting this area of my chart, I can expect an expression of the mentioned qualities in the realm of marriage & partners.  Yikes!

Like all cosmic positions, there are evolved expressions of energies and less-refined expressions.  For those who struggle with asserting their truth or setting boundaries, these energies might light the fire within you to do so.  Unfortunately, for those less conscious of their thoughts and emotions, we might see some heated, even violent, battles.  Even if we feel an overwhelming nudge to take action, it’s imperative to check-in with ourselves so that we make sure our intention is for the highest good of ourselves and others.

Because astrology is complex, we can’t get a comprehensive picture by simply looking at the planet Mars.  We must also look at the other planets’ relationship with Mars.  Depending on the position of the other planets in the solar system, there are angles that are made to each other, called aspects.  Here is the basic rundown, particularly squares (90º Angles) for this Mars in Aries transit:

Mars square Jupiter (Jul 31st - Aug 10th)

Mars square Pluto (Aug 7th-19th)

Mars square Saturn (Aug 6th - Sep 5th)

Mars square Pluto (Oct 2nd-17th)

Mars square Jupiter (Oct 15th-24th)

Mars Retrograde (Sep 10th)

Aug 25th & Sept 29th - p 15th - Oct 7th)

Mars Direct (Nov 24th)

Mars square Pluto (Dec 16th-31st)

For the purposes of this article, I am not going to go into precise detail for every date range mentioned; however, I’ll give some insight into what Mars squaring these powerful planets means:

  • Mars ▢ Jupiter: Sense of enthusiasm, and possibly overestimation, in terms of masculine energy and strength.  Watch out for overindulging in hasty actions.

  • Mars ▢ Saturn: Wanting to take action, but feeling restriction and limitation.  Two steps forward, one step back type of energy.  Frustration.

  • Mars ▢ Pluto: Testing of self-control.  Wanting to overpower and dominate.  Use caution.  I highly recommend being aware of your emotional reactions.

Mars in Aries in The United States

Did you know that each country has an astrological composition?  In the astrology community, we often look at the astrology charts of countries to see what’s going on and what we can expect.  Although there are some disagreements on what constitutes the official date/time for the USA, the most used time is based on the Declaration of Independence.

This means that Mars in Aries is moving through the USA’s 4th house.  The 4th house deals with the following: foundation, roots, inner-world, home, ancestry, where you come from, etc.  With this cosmic event, I anticipate that generally speaking, we will see increased national security measures, energized initiatives related to real estate, battles relative to the USA’s history, and continued, yet more intense, battles amongst the citizens of the U.S.

With all of the previously mentioned squares occurring with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, my interpretation is that we will see some strong push/pull energies specifically related to money and resources in the USA, considering this trio of planets is in the USA’s 2nd house of money, resources, daily routines, work, possessions, and values.

Mars will make a conjunction with the USA’s natal Chiron, the wounded healer, from July 31, 2020 - Dec 18, 2020.  With the USA’s natal Chiron being in 4th house, there is great ancestral trauma WITH incredible healing potential, which I believe will be majorly highlighted during this time.  The energies are really aligned to bring ancestral wounds to the light so that they can be addressed and consciously nurtured.  Also, Chiron, in mythology, was a centaur who was also famous for his knowledge and wisdom of medicine. I predict that we will be witnessing some groundbreaking medical initiatives in the USA, specifically on the dates that this conjunction is strongest - Aug 5th, Oct 15th, and Dec 12th.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was helpful in understanding the energy of Mars, specifically in Aries.  Although astrology is complex, its language is absolutely fascinating.  In the astrology community, we’ve anticipated the year 2020 being especially unique, considering all of the strong planetary aspects and more-than-usual eclipses (six).  I’ve written about this before, but 2020 kicked things off with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which had been talked about for years (it last occurred in 1518!).  This event, along with the other noteworthy transits and aspects such as Mars in Aries, brings about a rocky, painful, yet exhilarating, time of major transitions.  If ever there was a time to engage in holistic practices - mindfulness, psychological/emotional therapies, yoga, meditation, shadow work, immune-boosting nutrition, somatic processing, etc. - it’s NOW.  These are heavy times, yet they bring our awareness to the things that need the most healing.

Mars in Aries Summary (TL;DR)

  • Mars = God of War in Roman Mythology; identified with Ares in Greek mythology

  • Ares ≠ Aries

  • Planet Mars rules the sign of Aries

  • Aries = “The Ram” - in greek mythology, the Ram with sacred golden fleece who rescued Phrixus

  • Aries qualities: “The Warrior”, courageous, impulsive, adventurous, initiative, pioneering - but can be selfish and aggressive

  • Mars in Aries = The God of War in the sign of the Warrior (yikes!). Themes: asserting boundaries, confidence speaking up, emphasis on independence, short-lived aggressive outbursts

  • Mars in Aries, but also making hard angles to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto which creates a very strong push/pull energy - passion to take action met with limitation or restriction

  • These energies affect us ALL, depending on Mars’ position in our individual natal chart

  • The USA has a natal chart - lots of 4th & 2nd house concerns -- Increased national security measures, energized initiatives related to real estate, battles relative to the USA’s history, and continued, yet more intense, battles amongst the citizens of the U.S. - Money & Resources adding “heat” and “tension” (although, rewards of such challenges will be more visible next year)

  • Aug 4th & Oct 19th - General idealism relative to money and resources; more people buying silver, gold, and precious metals

  • Aug 5th - Medical breakthroughs in the works (possibly won’t see full benefits until 12/12)

  • Aug 13th, Oct 8th, & Dec 20th - General urge to overpower each other, especially as it relates to value systems

  • Aug 25th & Sep 29th - Peak of defensiveness, increased censorship, challenged expression

  • Great time for holistic practices; especially SHADOW work <3

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