• Taylor Adams, MA, LPC

April 2020: Tarot Energy Reading

Today, I had the opportunity to meditate and do a tarot reading for the overall collective energy in the world. I want to share my insights with you.

I understand that there is a lot of pain and suffering happening in the world, and I do not believe that it is beneficial to minimize this reality. I do, however, feel that there is always a dance at play between light and dark, fear and love, etc. The reading that I did gave me an overall sense of comfort in knowing that all the “stuff” going on right now is not without love or purpose. There is a Divine order amidst the chaos, and as much as we want to “control” the outcome, we must allow ourselves to surrender to uncertainty as many changes unfold.

On a collective level, we are dealing with a “power struggle.” Not only between masculine and feminine energy (which we ALL have within us), but also between shadow masculinity and shadow femininity (the darker sides of each).

The main card that I pulled deals with deception and manipulative behaviors that are for the purpose of personal gain. This involves cheating, stealing, and all around self-serving behaviors. This has been an energy at play for quite a while, and within the last few years, there has been a real shift in consciousness, which has greatly challenged those forces. Humanity has been openly asking a lot more questions and isn’t settling for “blind faith” anymore. There is a HUGE call for new beginnings, adventure, and freedom. Commitment can be a beneficial thing; nonetheless, humans have been “waking up” to how loyalty can be a way to take advantage of another.

Again, there is a strong force that is in its embryonic stages right now, and it is the underlying “drive” behind all of what is going on in the world. This drive is all about Earth, the material realm, and resources. We cannot yet see the full manifestation of this because, like a pregnant woman growing a child within her, Earth, as a consciousness, is nurturing the gestation of these new resources. We, humans, are part of this gestation.

At this time, there is intense warfare happening, physically and metaphysically. It’s happening in the world as well as within ourselves. I do see that, as always, love will prevail; BUT, for each of us, this looks and feels differently. The degree to which we are not conscious of our inner-world is the degree to which we will have no grasp over what’s going on “out there.”

One of the cards that I pulled is the “Death” card. Death was in the “near future” position. While, it’s understandable why this would trigger a fear response, for us familiar with the tarot or “The Hero’s Journey,” we understand that Death, while can be physical, is only a transition. A rebirth. Given the themes of the whole reading, which very much involved pentacles (material realm, money, resources), I strongly associate this rebirth with these categories.

Currently, there are hidden “contracts” and “unions” taking place between seemingly opposing forces. It’s all part of the dance. On the surface, things seem far from harmonious. Many of us are struggling. Many of us are faced with loss of businesses, homes, and personal resources. Grief IS very much our reality.

I do, though, see a “light” at the end of the tunnel — the “Strength” card depicts a woman taming a lion. Feeling into this card in its position, I am reminded of a book I read - “The Anatomy of a Calling.” The author discusses the beauty in being “more egg and less sperm.” Imagine, for a moment, how this would look. Sperm (masculine) takes intentional action to meet a very specific goal. Egg (feminine), however, owns its power by being receptive. Both sperm and egg reach its goal, but through very different processes. THAT is the balance between masculine and feminine. There is a time and place for us to take action, be analytical, and really fight our way to our goal. Sometimes, though, we are asked to be more soft, patient, and receptive. Pulling the Strength card really reminded me of the power that takes place when we can allow ourselves to be more egg-like. Now is the time to do so.

Finally, I do see beneficial movement occurring. On the surface, it may not look like we are receiving much help. Sure, there’s a lot of “talk” about stimulus checks, loans, and other forms of assistance; however, many of us are looking around, wondering “WHERE IS IT?” Despite this, I see that movement is taking place, although slowly. Right now, we must be conservative in our resources and not solely fixate on money. It’s important for us to take inventory of the possessions and resources that we do have, and find ways to create abundance through these things. Once we begin to engage in this process, we will begin to see the correlation of the microcosm/macrocosm. I’m seeing much more “productivity” happening from within our homes in terms of organizing and perhaps parting ways with some of our possessions than “effort-ing” our energies in the external world. We need to remember that being “stuck” breeds opportunities for creativity. Creative inspiration can only happen, though, when we are in a state of receptivity.

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