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Are online sessions confidential?

Yep!  I use a HIPAA-Compliant video software designed for therapists and doctors who see clients online.

What are the benefits of online sessions?

  • No waiting in traffic

  • You don't have to leave early or "get ready"

  • Be in the comfort of your home

  • Save time, gas money, etc.

  • A great option for remote areas

  • If you're feeling under the weather, there's no need to worry about getting others sick

  • You can wear your pajamas, sip on some tea or coffee, and get comfy while we put the pieces together!

What are sessions with you like?

It can be intimidating to reach out for help.  It's important for me to respect your boundaries while cultivating a space that feels safe for you to feel what comes up.  During sessions, I tune into your energy and gently encourage you to bring your awareness to the feelings and sensations within your body.  While each person comes with different needs and desires, I offer my full presence to be with you where you're at on your journey.  I believe that you are the expert on your unique life, and my role is to collaborate with you to help you be in alignment with your authentic self.  Based on that, we can decide which skills or techniques might be helpful to integrate into our work together!

How do I set up a session?

Easy-peasy!  You can e-mail me or fill out the contact form.  We can decide on a date and time to meet!

How many sessions do I need?

The simplest answer - it depends!  There’s no right or wrong way, but, for counseling, what I have found to be the most useful is to begin meeting once a week.  After a few sessions, we can check-in and, depending on your goals, determine whether meeting weekly or bi-weekly is most suitable from there. Eventually, meeting once every few weeks might be appropriate.  It all depends on your wants, needs, and lifestyle. For those who are consulting with me solely for some spiritual or esoteric insight, perhaps these clients will find that meeting once or twice is beneficial and effective.  Just like in any relationship, it’s important for us to communicate expectations, boundaries, and goals.