Astrology Consulting Services

Appointments are done via Zoom or phone. For these services, I accept Venmo, Paypal, or Square.
Appointments are typically 1-1.5hrs.

E-mail me to set up a date/time & indicate which service you're interested in =)


Natal Chart Reading

Your natal chart is a snapshot of the cosmos when you were born. Most people are aware of their Sun sign (Aries, Gemini, Taurus, etc.), but what if I told you that this information is only the TIP of the iceberg when it comes to your astrological profile? With this report, I use your birth information to look at your full astrological composition - the signs, planets, houses, and the relationship between all of these important pieces.


  • The driving force behind your life and priorities

  • The type of partner that benefits your unique personality

  • How you receive currency and what you invest in?

  • The things in your life that belong to others

  • The medium through which you learn and communicate

  • What inspires you?

  • The home; your roots

  • Your public persona

  • The things that bring you joy

  • Who your surrounded by and supports you?

  • Your responsibilities

  • The unconscious material within you

Lunch Date

Love Consulting

Single?  Dating?  Wondering WTF is going on in your love life?  Curious about when you'll find romance?


  • Who are you attracted to?

  • Who are you compatible with?

  • What needs do you have in a relationship?

  • How do you receive/give nurturing?

  • Where might you meet your partner(s)?

  • Potential challenges (e.g., insecurities)

  • Opportune times for love news (meet someone, marriage, etc.)

Team Talk

Career Consulting

What does your unique astrological profile have to say about your vocational path?  Considering a career change? Wondering if you're in the best-fitting field?  Simply curious about the most optimal work environment for you?  I can help! =)


  • Your natural skills and talents

  • How you relate to others; group work or solo?

  • The essence of your “vocation”

  • How you make money

  • Your day-to-day work vs. career

  • Potential challenges (e.g., home-work life)

  • Opportune times for career news (new job, promotions, etc.)


Karmic Reading

I use Evolutionary Astrology to look at certain astrological placements and aspects within your birth chart to inform me of what journey your soul is on. From a reincarnation model, this would give insight into what it might have felt like to be you in your most recent past life (or set of lives). I look at what and who might have held you back from fully being who you were meant to be. These dynamics often echo into your current life, and with conscious awareness, you can develop the tools necessary to move forward on your Divine path. I will look at the nature of your soul's mission as well as the resources ("karmic medicine") needed for optimal growth and expansion.  Knowing what cords to cut and contracts to relinquish, we can exit the matrix of control and surrender to the Divine.


  • What journey is your soul on?

  • What did it feel like to be you in a past-life?

  • What themes (for better and worse) do you carry into this life?

  • What obstacles held you back in your most recent past life?

  • Most prominent challenges to reconcile in this lifetime

  • What resources do you need to tap into to reach your highest potential?

  • Who/What supports you on your evolutionary journey?

For those who do not believe in reincarnation and past lives, that is OK! You can think of yourself as being born with an astrological makeup that indicates inherited ancestral imprints that affect your current life. Becoming aware of this can help you "clear the vessel" to move toward your soul's mission in a conscious manner.


Relationship Compatibility (Synastry)

Using you and your partner's natal chart, I look at what the stars reveal about your relationship. 


  • Your needs & theirs; how you each give/receive nurturing

  • Each partner’s romantic expression & style

  • How do you each communicate?

  • What attracts each partner to one another?

  • In what ways do you blend well?

  • Potential challenges (e.g., financial, home/family, etc.)

  • Is there a karmic signature to this relationship (e.g., soulmates)?

*Both partners' birth information must be indicated.